Man accused of carrying numerous weapons into downtown Austin park


AUSTIN (KXAN) — A man was arrested Wednesday after allegedly carrying several weapons into a downtown Austin park.

Austin police responded to the call around 1:32 p.m. at Pease Park off North Lamar Boulevard. A witness called and said they saw the suspect, 23-year-old Dalton Broesche, pulling a semi-automatic weapon out of the backseat of his car.

According to official court documents, police located him walking through the park carrying a loaded nine millimeter handgun, an extra magazine for the pistol, an expandable metal baton, two knives, a flashlight and black gloves.

Once confronted, police reported that he also took officers to a wooded spot in Pease Park where he had hidden the fully-loaded, AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle. The rifle was carrying a magazine loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition.

“I think his intentions were bad,” said UT senior Iris Karami. Karami was one of the callers who alerted the authorities. “It’s easy and it’s normal to be scared, but how you react is going to determine what is going to happen to you, your family and other people.”

Broesche was taken into custody and charged with two counts of unlicensed carrying of a weapon for a pistol and a baton found in his possession. Police say Broesche also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Harris County.

“Officers did an excellent job of responding to this situation and taking Broesche into custody without incident while also keeping everyone at the park safe.”

Austin Police Department

Police booked Broesche into Travis County Jail where is currently facing a $55,000 bond.

“A great park”

People at Pease Park were shocked to hear Wednesday’s news. Noah Flores, a counselor for ATX Kids Club, said he takes his campers to the park almost every day.

“I want them to feel safe, I want them to be comfortable because that’s how they have fun,” Flores said.

Flores said the El Paso shooting is still top-of-mind, which keeps him on high alert.

“I have to look around, make sure there is no one suspicious, no one dangerous. I’m going to have to be more vigilant,” Flores said.

Even with this recent Austin arrest, Flores said he will continue to take his campers to the park.

This is a pretty good neighborhood and a great place for children,” Flores said. “This is a great park and I’d hate to see it’s name tarnished.”

Carrying in Texas

In Texas, you can openly carry guns in public, but there are rules.

If you’re carrying long guns and rifles, it must be done in a safe, non-threatening manner. You don’t need a license.

For a handgun, you can carry it openly, but you need a license. Handguns must be carried in a shoulder or belt holster.

If you’re carrying on a college campus, it has to be concealed.

Remember, these laws apply to public places. Private businesses can enforce their own restrictions. People convicted of certain crimes can’t carry a gun.

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