AUSTIN (KXAN) — With a systemwide goal to reach 100% electric vehicle use by the end of 2030, Lyft announced Monday it’s rolling out incentives to drivers with EVs.

The incentive will begin in California, which Lyft officials said is its largest EV market. Under the program, California EV drivers will receive an extra $150 every week by offering 50 rides in their personal EVs, running through 2024.

“Because California is currently Lyft’s largest EV market, the company is using it as a testing ground to understand the best ways to help drivers transition,” a spokesperson said. “From there, Lyft can take learnings to other states across the country.”

Come 2023, the company is adding thousands of new EVs produced by Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Polestar and others to its Express Drive rental program. The Express Drive program allows people to rent vehicles they can then drive with Lyft, operated in partnership with Flexdrive and Hertz.

Flexdrive and Lyft operates driver rentals here in Austin, along with Texas services in Dallas and San Antonio.

Other recently rolled-out incentives include charging discounts at EVgo stations, along with home-charging discounts in tandem with Wallbox.

“Electrifying our transportation network is a crucial step in helping reverse the negative impacts of climate change,” said Paul August, Lyft’s director of sustainability, in the release. “We know many drivers on Lyft want to switch to EVs, which is why we’re focused on addressing the biggest barriers they face in transitioning: upfront costs and access to charging. These offerings are the latest in many steps we are taking to support drivers in switching to an EV on Lyft.”