Here at KXAN we cover issues and people in an in-depth way, including connecting on a deeper level with Central Texas’ celebrities making differences in our community. In this latest story of KXAN anchor Britt Moreno’s continuing series of in depth conversations with some of Austin’s biggest names and influencers, she sits down with Loreal Sarkisian.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — As Texas football ramps up, you can bet Loreal Sarkisian is considering her next game day look. Whether it’s a cowhide coat, burnt orange leather pants or a pantsuit tailor-made for Texas football, fans are redefining their own game day jerseys just trying to keep up!

Come football season, fans find themselves peeling away from what’s playing out on the field to the sidelines to catch a glimpse of what Loreal is wearing.

Loreal is the wife of Steve Sarkisian, head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns. She launched her styling business in 2017 and said clients can use her business as “a one-stop shop” where she will style you for everyday wear, the red carpet, photoshoots or even so much as packing and unpacking you for a trip or helping you clean out your closet.

  • Loreal Sarkisian on game day on Nov. 26, 2021 (via Instagram)
  • Loreal and Steve Sarkisian on Oct. 10, 2021 (via Instagram)

“As my business is my brand, I have to represent myself well” she said. And Instagram will tell you she does this very well. With nearly 30,000 followers, Loreal said her following and business have exploded after styling herself and posing on the sidelines.

But before she was making her mark on the fashion world, Loreal ran track in college, earning a full ride for running hurdles at North Carolina A&T State University. After that, she coached track at the University of Southern California.

While in college, Loreal Sarkisian ran track at North Carolina A&T State University. (Courtesy: Loreal Sarkisian)
While in college, Loreal Sarkisian ran track at North Carolina A&T State University. (Courtesy: Loreal Sarkisian)

She draws inspiration from her mother, whom she calls “the creative” in the family. Loreal remembers her mom constantly making clothes and other things she and her siblings needed. Her parents were both athletes as well, and she said they instilled her strong work ethic.

“They did a really good job of us not knowing how hard it was for them” said Loreal. “I look back, and I see my dad, and we’re eating, and he’s eating our leftovers. I don’t know what it took to raise us, because that wasn’t for us to be burdened with. I just know they did a good job of raising us.”

She showed KXAN’s Britt Moreno a peek inside her wardrobe. She wears Chanel, Gucci and other high-end designers, but she said “it is a blessing. The reality is I don’t have to be here. And anything can be taken at any given moment, so I don’t take things for granted.”

  • Loreal Sarkisian sits down with KXAN's Britt Moreno (KXAN Photo)
  • Loreal Sarkisian (KXAN Photo)
  • Loreal Sarkisian sits down with KXAN's Britt Moreno (KXAN Photo)

So she’s making the most of her fame right now. Loreal is garnering support for youth and mental health support. She is working closely with the Kindness Campaign and other anti-bullying efforts. Her future community goals include hosting a Thanksgiving food drive this November. Loreal’s goal is to feed 5,000 families. She hopes to adopt 50-100 families over Christmas. 

Turns out, this glamorous woman who gets dolled up for UT football games is also down to earth. She wants to help the very community who extended a “warm welcome” to her not too long ago by giving back to the Austin community.

Britt’s Q&A with Loreal Sarkisian

Q: “Do you style your husband?”

A: “I do sometimes. He’s funny, sometimes he wants to be the client, and sometimes he’s like, ‘I got this.’ Just depends on the day. Now having been with me over the past few years, you know he’s kind of a little bit more into fashion, so that was cool to see.”

Q: “What is the number one thing everyone should have in their closet?”

A: “One good suit in their closet. A tailored suit.”

Q: “You have been affectionately called the ‘first lady of Texas football.’ How do you feel about this title?”

A: “Listen, everything that has come with being at Texas has surprised me … and it’s overwhelming. Not overwhelming in a bad way but in a good way!”

Q: “What’s it like to style?”

A: “It is fun. I’m super grateful. I’m happy I get to do what I get to do. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. No matter the brand on a piece of clothing, for me, it’s making you feel your absolute best.

Q: “What’s a fun date night for you and your husband?”

A: “Being at home on the couch.”

Q: “What is in right now?”

A: “Yellow is in for spring. Also, I am a lover of denim and outwear.”

Q: “Are you the kind of person who puts their feet in uncomfortable shoes to achieve a look?”

A: “No! Comfort is everything. I am cute in comfort. If I am wearing it, I am comfortable. From the shirt to the vest, and especially the shoes, I do not play.”

Q: “Thoughts on casual sneakers.”

A: “Because I ran track for so long, and I always had to be in sneakers … so I prefer to wear heels. I see people wearing tennis shoes as fashion shoes. I see some of the shoes I trained in, and people wear them as their cool sneaker, but for me it reminds me of work and working out, so I prefer my girls shoes.”

Q: “What do you do for workouts now?”

A: “Not track! I work out to be healthy and look good. It was hard to find something as intense (as track). But I play tennis and box.”

Q: “What do you do when you’re not busy and want to ‘veg out’ at home?”

A: “It’s going to be the Big Bang Theory or The Office.”

Q: “What’s your favorite food?”

A: “So if you had asked me before September, I will say cheese pizza and chicken wings. But I have a beautiful assistant who is vegan, and I have attempted at her lifestyle. And I fell in love. I’m more vegetarian than vegan, only because I still like eggs and cheese. I’m working on it. Hey, I got meat out of my system!”

Q: “Does Loreal Sarkisian ever not feel perfect?”

A: “Are you for real!? I am not perfect! I present a certain way, which is authentic, but I’m human. I make mistakes, I get upset. I have moments where I doubt myself. I’ve taken the time to learn that everything doesn’t have to be perfect and to love on myself and accept who I am.”