AUSTIN (KXAN) — Heading into Memorial Day, the Drew Fish Band, which is based out of Austin, released a new single and music video to highlight our nation’s finest.

Drew Fish, who is the lead singer, said the music video for his song “Stories Left Untold” features six veterans who were special operations members.

Fish said 100% of the revenue made from his song will go toward Special Forces Charitable Trust.

“It is a weekend of thinking about all the people who sacrificed everything for our freedom, and people who made the ultimate sacrifice and are no longer with us, because they wanted us to live in the land of the free,” said Fish.

Jimmy Welton, a veteran, was featured in the music video.

“It is an honor just to be a part of the video,” said Welton. “Especially the company of men that are in that video. I can’t thank the Drew Fish Band enough. I have never had someone go so far out of their way to help veterans.”

Fish said this is not the first time he’s given back to veterans, and it certainly won’t be the last.