AUSTIN (KXAN) — Hospital visits for kids are no fun, but sometimes those visits turn into weeks, months or even years of treatment.

One company is trying to bring some hope to kids by making them feel super.

Elliot Hill in her superhero robe. (JaNett Hill photo)

Brobe founder Allison Schickel has been working to make life easier for people going through some of the toughest treatments, but now she’s turning her attention to help kids with “superhero” robes.

“Each robe comes with two interchangeable superhero capes,” said Schickel. “It is actually called the Elliot superhero robe.”

In January 2020, Elliot Hill was diagnosed with cancer, and while it wasn’t an easy journey, Elliot’s mother JaNett said it was a little thing, like the piece of clothing that kept her daughter’s spirits up and imagination flowing.

“No kid wants their reality to be in a hospital room,” JaNett said. “It is the most devastating news you will ever receive … Wilms tumor so it is a kidney cancer.”

The robe Schickel named after Elliot comes with pockets that can be buttoned on and moved depending on what kind of treatment the child is facing.

“They can place the pocket wherever it would be convenient to hold the monitor or the drain,” Schickel said. Brobe spawned from one of her friend’s battle with breast cancer in 2010, and Schickel wanted to make something that could help her friend manage all the drains from treatment yet still feel comfortable.

Elliot was given the all-clear from cancer in October, and she fought it like a superhero.

“It is a way to express herself and feel a little bit less like a patient and more like a kid,” JaNett said.

Brobe has given away about 150 robes, and they have set up a donation page where anyone can help supply the robes to kids in need.