AUSTIN (KXAN) — Law enforcement stepped up their efforts to patrol the waters of Lake Travis this Saturday for the Memorial Day weekend. 

State Magistrate Judge Kevin Madison was on hand riding with Texas Game Wardens expediting warrants in the event an arrest was made. 

“It’ll be a little quicker. We’ve done it electronically before but now we have a command post here from the Texas Game Wardens. Officers will come in with their suspects and their paper work. If it has those threshold requirements, then I will issue a blood search warrant and they will be transferred to a place where they can have the blood drawn done,” said Madison. 

Game wardens, Travis County deputies, and police officers from area jurisdictions were also on boats looking for anyone who may have been having too much fun. 

“Part of the problem we have out here is you get people on the top decks of the boats and they fall off. And they don’t think they need their life jackets but when they hit their head: they are unconscious and that’s how they drown,” says Game Warden Derrick Rinsbee. 

With the recent rains, this weekend is expected to be one of the busier weekends in recent years.

The lakes are at capacity, but no more rain is expected. The bulk of the lake crowd is expected to enjoy the lake this Saturday, according to game wardens.