Austin private jeweler selling largest lab-grown diamond ring in the world


(KXAN Photo: Chelsea Moreno)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin private jeweler is selling the largest lab-grown diamond ring in the world.

“I figured if there’s a buyer for it, it’s in Austin ’cause the technology has Austin written all over it,” said Matt O’Desky, owner and founder of The Diamond Room.

O’Desky had his sight set on putting the ring grown in Moscow up for sale since he saw it in at a jewelry show in Las Vegas last year. But it took a while for him to actually get since the piece of jewelry was making an appearance on someone’s hand at the Oscars.

The fact that it was lab-grown, versus mined, wasn’t a new concept to his products though.

“It’s a product that’s out there that everyone should be aware of and even if you’re not interested in it, you should at least learn about it,” he explained.

O’Desky said the process that this ring was made by is made up of two main things, high pressure and high temperature, which is a process that is patented in Russia, but not the U.S. It starts with what looks like a biology slide, thin and rectangular. “These seeds are put into a reactor and using high pressure and high temperature, the diamond crystal grows.”

But that takes time.

This particular diamond that started off as a 60-carat seed, and took just over three weeks to grow. But that’s not counting the failed attempts, which turned it into a three-year-long process.

O’Desky did say there are limitations to the process. Because the carbon deposits grow off of a seed, they grow up, but don’t grow out. With another process of growing the diamonds, referred to as chemical vapor deposition, limitations include different color tones in the stones — some pinks, browns, blues and even silvers. “As the growers get the recipes better and better, we’re seeing less and less and now, it’s a fight for how big can they get,” he said.

When clients come in to his office, he almost always offers them the option of a lab-grown diamond.

“And as soon as we put multiple options out, our clients see the size difference, they learn about the process, they learn it’s not a cubic zirconia, this is an actual diamond, and once they understand how we got there, it’s really about size and what they can get for the money and the majority of the time, it leads to lab grown,” he explained.

The lab-grown rings always have a lazer inscription that says it is lab-grown to identify it correctly.

The ring is described by O’Desky as having a delicate a halo setting with diamond split shank, but his vision for whoever buys the piece is a bit different.

“I’m actually hoping someone wants to come in, buy the diamond and we will custom design a setting for it,” he said, adding he can make a necklace or bracelet as well.

It’s available for purchase, but if Austinites just want to get a peek, that is an option as well.

(KXAN Photo: Chelsea Moreno)

The price of the ring is $132,000 as is, and he also has a not-as-large pear-shaped lab-grown diamond ring at $80,000.

O’Desky said a ring with a mined diamond comparable to the more than 15-carat one would cost well over half a million, depending on who is selling it.

With that more than $100,000 price tag, he will donate $5,000 of it to the Austin Child Guidance Center.

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