AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin family is left with nearly nothing after their apartment flooded from a pipe bursting above their unit.

The crib for their newborn baby and their beds are all damaged.

Desirae Rodriguez and Joe Lopez walked into their apartment with the ceiling caved in on Christmas Eve.

“We just got the baby the important stuff for the baby and ran out. As we were running out, all the sheetrock from the living room starts falling down,” Lopez said.

All of their belongings were soaked.

image of water falling on carpet
Rodriguez said this was the second time her apartment has flooded. She said this was by far the worst.

“Couches, our entertainment center, you know, we had tables in there. We had a swing for him,” Rodriguez said.

This made for the second time this happened to the family of five at Promontory Point Apartments. The first time was during the winter storm in February 2021.

“A pipe busted in between the units and the water was flooding from the kitchen. They said that they’ll suck it out as best they could. And that mold stayed in the carpet,” Rodriguez said.

This is not the first issue they’ve dealt with either. One of the main one was rats. They captured three of them in their cabinets on camera.

image of rats in a cabinet
Lopez said the sound of rats was so loud he could not sleep at night.

“You can hear them running and it was like, as if somebody was upstairs, a dog running upstairs with no carpet. That’s literally what it sounds like,” Rodriguez said.

It all got so bad they called the city’s code enforcement. Repeat offenders with multiple code violations are put on a list and monitored annually to make sure issues are fixed.

Promontory Point is on there. KXAN reached out to the complex and received an email from the property manager that she is out of the office unitl Tuesday.

As for Rodriguez and Lopez, this apartment was supposed to be their fresh start. Now, they’re staying with family as they figure it out.

“Just take it one day at a time. One day at a time, start over again,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said they are raising money through a GoFundMe page while they look for a new place to live.