AUSTIN (KXAN)—A group of diverse advocates are traveling in a bus around the country, pushing for change within the U.S.’s highest court.

It’s called the ‘Just Majority,’ campaign. The message?: ‘Democracy Demands A Fair And Ethical Court,’ as seen in bold letters on the campaign’s tour bus. A group made up of reproductive, gun violence prevention, civil rights and racial justice advocates are spreading awareness about the Judiciary Act.

“The Judiciary Act would put new Supreme Court justices onto the court,” Representative for Texas District 35, Greg Casar said. “We would be adding four justices to the court. And there have been multiple times in American history and many times that the Congress has changed the number of justices on the court.”

It’s a conversation Casar and his fellow advocates say has more urgency now, than ever. That’s why they want to talk about it to anyone who will listen.

The Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe. V. Wade may have added more fuel to the group’s fire.

“The judiciary act would add those justices and allow us to have a Supreme Court again that wants to protect our freedoms, rather than trample those rights.”

Alencia Johnson, a reproductive rights advocate spoke passionately about her involvement with the tours.

“We actually need more voters and more constituents to understand it,” Johnson said. That’s actually why we’re doing this right now…people are paying attention…There are so many cases and our supreme court on the supreme court docket right now that we have to make sure the American people understand they have the ability to influence that.”

A spokesperson for the campaign said this bus would be making more stops around Texas.

According to the campaign, the tour will have made 20 stops nationwide, by the end of it. It is expected to wrap up in June, the campaign told KXAN.