AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin’s airport continues to see incredible growth in passenger numbers, with newly released data for July showing the month was the third busiest of all time.

The new numbers mean each month from March through July now ranks in the top five busiest months of all time.

Almost 12 million passengers flew through Austin-Bergstrom International Airport between January and July.

In July alone, 1,968,613 passengers were recorded. May remains the busiest month ever at AUS, with more than 2 million passengers.

July’s total is a 28% increase compared to June 2021, which at the time was the busiest month since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

July 1 saw the most passengers in a single day for the month, with 33,333 in total. At the time, that tied as the ninth-busiest day in the airport’s history.

As of Sept. 22, no days in July rank in the top 10 busiest days, having been beaten by multiple days in September.

Oct. 25, 2021, remains the busiest day ever at AUS, being the only day to top 35,000 passengers.

Southwest Airlines remains the largest airline operating at AUS in terms of passenger traffic. Almost four in 10 passengers in July traveled on a Southwest flight.

American Airlines is the second largest, with a little more than a quarter of all passengers flying with the airline. Delta Air Lines accounted for 11.4% of passengers at AUS, and United Airlines flew about 9.9% of passengers. Alaska Airlines is a distant fifth, carrying 3.7% of passengers in July.

When looking at individual airlines, July was a mixed bag when it comes to year-over-year growth.

Allegiant Airlines saw the largest growth in passenger totals. In July 2022, the airline flew 55,979 passengers, up from 35,778 in July 2021 — a 56% increase.

American increased its passenger totals by 50%, while Southwest saw growth of 43%.

Several airlines saw lower passenger totals this July compared to last. Frontier Airlines carried 9,674 this year, compared to 22,475 in July 2021, a decrease of 57%. Meanwhile, JetBlue Airways saw a 40% decrease in passenger traffic. Spirit Airlines dropped by 28%, and Alaska Airlines dropped 18%.

Swift Air reported 83 passengers in June 2021 but none in June 2022.

Meanwhile, several airlines flew passengers in July 2022 but not in July 2021, due to COVID-related route cancellations. Air Canada and British Airways returned in October 2021.

Dutch airline KLM began its nonstop Austin-Amsterdam route on March 28. Meanwhile, German airline Lufthansa resumed its nonstop route to Frankfurt on April 8, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID. British airline Virgin Atlantic launched its nonstop route to London Heathrow on May 25.