AUSTIN (KXAN) — Passengers on an Austin flight bound for Chicago received early Christmas gifts this year from Austin jewelry designer Kendra Scott.

The designer teamed up with Southwest Airlines for the big, yellow surprise. Scott was there at the ticket gate to hand each passenger a small gift, but little did they know the bigger gift was waiting for them in Chicago.

When the passengers arrived at Chicago Midway, they were given a golden ticket and headed to baggage claim, where they met up with a Santa dressed in yellow instead of his ubiquitous red. One by one, five jumbo Kendra Scott boxes came down the carousel.

Inside each jumbo box were little gift boxes filled with Kendra Scott jewelry for the passengers.

“This was the best day ever. You helped our trip just get off to a beautiful start. Thank you, Kendra,” said one ecstatic passenger.

“We really want to bring some happiness and joy to people, and that really is what the holiday season is all about,” said Scott, who grew up near Chicago, in Wisconsin. Her company just opened their third store in Chicago.

Child receives a Kendra Scott surprise gift box at Chicago Midway. (Courtesy: Kendra Scott)