AUSTIN (KXAN) —An Austin fifth grade student dedicated to helping endangered animals is not letting the pandemic hold her back.

Like many kids her age, Kate Williams is learning virtually.

“I’m in Utah right now and I am doing remote learning for school,” Kate said. “There are horses here so that has been keeping me busy.”

Ask the Trinity Episcopal student about her interests, and she’ll tell you there are many, but her love for animals might be the most important to her.

“I am a big animal lover,” Kate said.

In 2017, Kate went on a safari in South Africa. Her guide on the trip, Michelle Campbell, not only showed her the animals, but also taught her about what was happening.

“Michelle told me every eight hours a rhino is killed and every day 54 elephants are killed so I asked her if she would write a book with me,” Kate said.

Soon after, “Let’s Go on Safari,” the book they wrote, was published and she didn’t stop there.

“I am the founder of Kids Can Save Animals and I just launched this new campaign called Quarters for Koalas,” Kate said.

Kids from her school brought in quarters and her campaign raised more than $6,000.

All of her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. She recently won the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes. The award highlights young leaders who have made a positive difference to people of the environment.

“It is really important for kids to know what is happening because it is my generation that is going to make the difference,” Kate said.

Kate says she is thinking about writing another book soon.