AUSTIN (KXAN) — A day after Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk proposed a budget to City Council that focused more tax dollars towards services for homelessness, Cronk sat down with KXAN to answer some questions.

In his proposed $4.2 billion spending plan, the city would spend just under $63 million on homelessness-related services, which is about $17 million more than last year.

“It was really a lot of work talking to both our departments, the community members and a lot of service providers on how to make sure that we were redoubling our efforts to look at every single dollar that we had available to put toward homelessness,” Cronk said.

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When asked about whether the city expected more tents to pop up after a controversial ordinance relaxed the city’s rules about sitting or laying in public spaces, Cronk said it was important that the homeless “challenge” be acknowledged.

“Wherever these individuals are that are experiencing homelessness —whether they’re moving around from place to place — but we are seeing that it’s now more visible,” he said. “And that’s really the moral imperative that we have as a community to address this.”

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