AUSTIN (KXAN) — Travis Early College High School opened in 1953, and some of its original features can still be seen around campus.

“My whole family came to this school,” said Junior Mata, who is a junior.

Mata is proud to be a student at Travis, but he’s not proud of the conditions he’s faced with.

“Something that could improve, number one would be AC,” said Mata. “That is a major issue.”

Mata said when the rooms heat up, it can be hard to concentrate.

“It really does affect our learning,” said Mata.

A walk around campus and you’ll find a number of issues. Many of the rooms have been repurposed from their original use to fit the current needs of the school.

One example is the old auto shop, which is now the weight room.

“Termite damage, holes in the walls… this stuff has never been replaced,” said head football coach Joe Frank Martinez, who gave a tour of the men’s locker room.

The issues extend outside the school as well. The fields are uneven, and one of the end zones is filled with rocks.

“I have broken my foot twice on this field right here and once on the bottom field just walking back up from practice,” said Martinez.

The 2022 bond is proposing a $250 million modernization project for the school. It would add new indoor and outdoor facilities, new fine arts and technical education spaces and much more.

Principal Erick Posadas said modernization is important to student success.

“I think it would go a long way to keep them excited about school and excelling in school and preparing them for the jobs of the future,” said Posadas.

Each year, the district does a “facility condition assessment” for all campuses. The district average for high schools is 80, but Travis has a rating of 61.

“They deserve better,” said Martinez. “All of our kids deserve better.”

While Mata will be gone by the time this project could be completed, he said it’s a must for the students that come after him.

“This could be really redesigned and pretty much help to improve our students’ educations,” said Mata.

The proposed bond package is expected to raise the debt service portion of the school tax rate by 1 cent per $100 in taxable value. However, Austin ISD plans to reduce the maintenance and operations portion of the school tax rate by 6.5 cents this year due to rising property values. This bond proposal will not affect the tax rate reduction for this school year, and property owners are expected to see an additional estimated 3-cent reduction in the school tax rate next year, for a total reduction of 9.5 cents by 2023–24.