AUSTIN (KXAN) — Community groups across Central Texas, and from out of state are working to help those still trying to recover from the winter storm that ripped through Texas.

“Right now we are working with about 29 churches across the greater Austin-area,” said Daniel Geraci, Executive Director Austin Disaster Relief Network.

Saturday, volunteers from churches who are part of the partnership with the Austin Disaster Relief Network worked on those cleanup efforts.

“I can only imagine there had got to be hundreds if not thousands of volunteers all across the Austin-area taking on sites, cleaning them up and mucking out homes,” said Geraci.

That includes the Austin Stone church members who came out to Rodger Polson’s house Saturday.

“I just don’t have the ability to come out and fix all of this stuff like I did 15 to 20 years ago,” said Rodger Polson.

Rodger Polson & his wife inside their backyard Saturday.

Downed trees and limbs are scattered throughout Polson’s backyard.

Others are met with extensive water damage from busted pipes which has left many still without water.

ADRN has set up laundry and shower units to help those facing water outages. They have also partnered with Water Mission and Plumbers Without Borders to get licensed and skilled plumbers to Texas homes.

“We have engineered and designed our own treatment plant systems,” said Jon Conway, Water Mission.

Jon Conway is with the non-profit, Water Mission, which typically works to bring safe water lines to under-developed countries. They have licensed plumbers set to arrive this Monday.

“Plumbers who are willing to take time out of their schedules to come and help,” said Conway.

The goal is to target those who are under-insured, elderly or who don’t have the means to fix the damage.

Families seeking information about disaster relief support should call ADRN’s survivor hotline at 512-806-0800.

ADRN is also looking for help to support its disaster relief efforts. The organizations executive director says the shower and laundry units alone could cost upward of $100,000.