AUSTIN (KXAN) — With just two weeks to go until the first day of school, local principals are still working to fill hundreds of openings in the classroom.

The Austin Independent School District has 119 full-time teaching positions listed on its website. The Leander Independent School District says it has 27 teaching spots to fill, and the Round Rock Independent School District has 76 openings listed.

The majority of open positions are bilingual, special education and math and science.

Dru Robinett, whose main job at AISD is finding talent, doesn’t seem worried. 

“We are looking for the right kind of teachers for the right positions,” said Robinett, AISD Director of Talent Acquisition and Development. “We certainly don’t wait until students arrive and go, ‘Wow, what are we gonna do now?’ We’re preparing and identifying and targeting people now.”

Meanwhile, districts have been holding new teacher orientations. Austin ISD welcomed around 500 new employees Monday at its Performing Arts Center.

Orlando Gunn, a former Louisiana State University football player, came from Killeen to be a coach and AVID teacher at Lanier High School

“It was just a perfect fit, right timing right place and the right school,” said Gunn. “It’s really taking that child who is a diamond in the rough and really make them shine.”

Teacher numbers also shift a bit after the school year starts. Districts do what’s called leveling which can result in moving some students around to different homerooms. The process has a lot do with how many students actually show up which could require schools to make adjustments.