AUSTIN (KXAN) — As thousands are without power as of Friday morning, those outages are also affecting traffic lights in the city.

The Austin Transportation Department has a map that shows which traffic signals currently have issues. As of 3:30 p.m., ATD said it had reset 151 signals since Monday. Four signals were flashing and 100 were dark. It also said 499 were in a communications outage and 471 had been inspected by field crews.

It is also asking people to report dark traffic signals by calling 3-1-1, filling out an online form or using its mobile app.

The city has a total of 1,166 traffic signals and pedestrian hybrid beacons.

The city’s website also has a list of other data people can access, including traffic cameras and a map of every signal in the city.

If you encounter a light that is out, treat it like a four-way stop:

  • The first car at the intersection has the right of way
  • If two cars arrive at the same time, the one to the right has the right of way