AUSTIN (KXAN) — Last week’s rainstorms across Central Texas were a welcomed reprieve as the region continues to battle “exceptional” drought conditions. While many greeted the rain with open arms, there is one drawback to it: cracks in your driveways.

Scott Cuthbert, owner and operator of The Driveway Company of Round Rock, services the greater Austin area. He said water that seeps into joints in a driveway will wash away the substrate underneath, giving way to cracks.

“Water is the enemy for your driveway,” he said. “When you get cracks, water’s getting into the cracks too, and it makes them just get worse and worse.”

He stressed the importance of sealing up any driveway joints and cracks with a top sealing, a surface sealant that makes the water bead up and protects it from UV rays. It’ll also help prevent any water from reaching the substrate underneath the surface.

When handling cracks, Cuthbert said his business will cut the cracks a bit wider before adding a non-sag polyurethane material into the crack or joint. That immediate response and repair is critical, he said, to keep water out and prevent any expensive, full-driveway replacements down the road.

Alongside rain, extreme heat can lead to expanded concrete. When concrete expands, that can amount to cracking, according to home service company Angi.

The Driveway Company of Round Rock offers free estimates for anyone needing improvements to their driveway.