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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Since Austin Water upped its watering restrictions two weeks ago, the city’s water utility has issued nine water violation citations.

The nine citations were given to five commercial customers and four residential customers, Austin Water said Tuesday.

Austin Water said it has received 1,076 watering violation reports via 311 since the Stage 2 restrictions went into effect Aug. 15.

The water utility has also mailed 621 “Report of Violation” postcards to customers and issued 443 warnings.

Austin Water said enforcement staff members have spent 105 hours patrolling.

What are the penalties for violating watering rules?

According to Austin Water, violations can be issued for watering on the wrong day, watering at the wrong time, causing runoff greater than 50 feet and for misaligned and broken heads.

Customers will be issued a “Warning Notice of Violation” if staff witness a violation and if the account holder has not received a violation in the last year at the address.

If staff witness a violation for the second time within the last year, a citation will be issued. This results in a monetary penalty. Penalties are assessed based on water use tiers.

Austin Water will also assess penalties for charity car washes not held at a certified facility, ornamental fountains not recirculating, watering foundations on the wrong day and other water conservation violations.

What are your watering days?

Under Stage 2 restrictions, all water customers are limited to watering one day per week.

  • Even residential addresses
    • Automatic irrigation: Thursday
    • Hose-end sprinklers: Sunday
  • Odd residential addresses
    • Automatic irrigation: Wednesday
    • Hose-end sprinklers: Saturday
  • Even commercial/multi-family addresses
    • Automatic irrigation or hose-end sprinklers: Tuesday
  • Odd commercial/multi-family addresses
    • Automatic irrigation or hose-end sprinklers: Friday
  • Public schools
    • Automatic irrigation or hose-end sprinklers: Monday

More information on watering restrictions, expectations and variances is on Austin Water’s website.