AUSTIN (KXAN) — As the U.S. Grand Prix kicked off Friday at the Circuit of the Americas, officials saw increased heat-related calls due to temperatures, according to a spokesperson with Austin Homeland Security Management.

At least 51% of the attendees are traveling from out of town, the spokesperson said. Officials are reminding people to be aware of the high temperatures and know the signs of heat-related illness.

Austin Travis County EMS Captain Darren Noak says his team has seen a significant surge in heat-related calls coming at COTA.

Noak believes that most fans in the stands weren’t prepared for this type of heat near the end of October.

“It’s hot out here and we’ve seen a very high number of all types of calls,” he said. “Dehydration, a lot of heat exhaustion and just heat-related issues.”

“We have a lot of visitors that aren’t really maybe acclimated to the Texas heat,” he said.

Friday afternoon brought Austin’s hottest temperatures on record so late in the year as highs reached 97°.

Coolers, free water stations, shade tents are also available to help people avoid heat illness. Medics and Ascension Seton personnel are also available on-site to help people.

A spokesperson said there were also signs at COTA informing attendees of the resources available.