AUSTIN (KXAN) — When the new year hits, Austin residents may have to pay more money to keep the lights on.

During a special-called City Council meeting, council members heard from Austin Energy officials about a proposed base-rate increase, which is required by the city every five years. The utility wants to raise base rates by $15.

City Council just approved a pass-through rate in October that increased the average customer’s rate by about $15 per month. That rate varies per customer, unlike the base-rate increase discussed Tuesday.

The prior rate hike will cover the cost of buying and transporting energy. The proposed hike will help Austin Energy keep up with the demand as the city’s infrastructure continues to grow.

Council members and energy officials spent about two hours going back and forth about the total cost projections, which then trickle down to your energy bill.

Council Member Paige Ellis brought up concerns about de-incentivizing people who are trying to save energy, and Council Member Kathie Tovo suggested a “less drastic” rate increase that could be revisited in a “couple” of years instead of five.

City Council will vote on this Dec. 1.