AUSTIN (KXAN) — Have you seen robots rolling around your neighborhood?

If it says “Coco” on the side, it’s making a delivery.

The company, which started in California, has opened a location in Austin and has brought hundreds of robots to the capital city.

Jeremy Shirk, co-owner of Conan’s Pizza in south Austin, is one of about 25 companies that is utilizing the new technology.

“It is new tech, and people are ordering pizza just to get the robot delivery out of here, and it is just exciting for them,” said Shirk.

Coco is a robotics delivery company that boasts deliveries in 15 minutes or less.

“Once that pizza is done, I will put it in a box, take it out to one of the Coco robots, scan it, put the pie in there and it will take off on it’s own — take the pie off, then come right back,” said Shirk.

For now the robots are controlled by a driver at one of the Coco hubs. Drivers control an individual robot with an Xbox controller, but they only deliver within a two mile radius of the business.

“Routing an intersection, things like that should be controlled by humans,” said Peter Quinn, vice president of revenue with Coco.

What about security? Coco said there is a security system that allows the robots to be locked, and there is an alarm.

The company plans to continue expanding across the nation.