AUSTIN (KXAN) — While the Kansas City Chiefs’ win and Rihanna’s halftime show might have dominated the headlines from the 2023 Super Bowl, a familiar Texas staple also made its mark.

H-E-B’s regional Super Bowl advertisement highlighted the Texas grocery chain’s tortillas. The tongue-in-cheek ad — aptly titled “If You Know, You Know” — featured Texans trying to sneak dozens of tortillas through airport security lines, as well as passing them off as homemade.

“There are certain tortillas, er – things, that Texans just can’t – and won’t – live without,” the ad’s caption reads on YouTube.

This isn’t the first time the San Antonio-headquartered grocer has made an appearance at the Super Bowl.

A 2022 commercial, starring George Strait, featured an H-E-B employee hand-delivering a bag full of store-brand snacks before a rocket ship takes off. A 2014 commercial centered on H-E-B’s Primo Pick quest for the best products statewide.

“At H-E-B, we appreciate that our customers have come to know and love our H-E-B brand products,” Ashwin Nathan, H-E-B Group vice president of marketing, said in a release. “The love of fanaticism for our brand and our products is like no other, and we think many of our loyal H-E-B fans will see themselves in these commercials.”

The Super Bowl 30-second commercials were aired in more than a dozen Texas markets during the Sunday championship game and will continue to air throughout February.