AUSTIN (KXAN) — As the Austin Police Department’s 144th Cadet Class prepares to graduate this week, the group monitoring APD’s training and practices issued an updated report with recommendations.

Kroll Associates previously looked at the Austin Police Academy specifically, recommending measures like bringing in community leaders from outside the department to assist with cadet training and encouraging a mentality of being “guardians” of the community among cadets, rather than “warriors” who fight criminals.

You can read the report on APD cadet training here.

While Kroll Associates’ new report focuses on use of force, community relations and diversity, it also included some analysis on training. That includes recommendations to revise physical and written exams to limit racial and gender-based gaps in scores, link recruitment date to Academy performance date and incorporate career development programs to make all employees aware of promotional opportunities.

Kroll Associates determined APD’s overall hiring and selection process is consistent with standard selection and hiring practices.

The 144th Cadet Class is the first to graduate under the “reimagined” program, which emphasizes de-escalation and community relations.

“It’s a bridge I’ve been wanting to build for a while,” said Cadet Christian Adame. “Seeing this disconnect between society and law enforcement.”

Chief Joseph Chacon said he’s excited to see how these cadets adapt the new curriculum to their work in the field.

“I think this has given them the ability in the classroom to already think differently,” he said. “Really making sure we’re communicating well as we have daily interactions with the community. I’m hoping we’re going to see even more of that from this class.”

This report also includes extensive data on APD’s use of force, arrests and hiring practices from 2017-2020. We will continue to dig through this data and follow up as the city and APD prepare to implement any changes. Kroll Associates will release a separate analysis on the pilot Academy program in the coming months.