AUSTIN (KXAN) — TimeDone, a national group that provides support to those who served time behind bars, gathered in east Austin on Saturday for an event set to promote community empowerment and public safety.

TimeDone said ex-convicts can miss out on opportunities because of convictions, and invited Texans living with a past record to receive free information about its membership services, resources, partners, job opportunities and more.

Organizers said the annual event also allowed TimeDone Texas members to join local crime survivors to advocate for public safety policies to help stop crime and victimization.

“A groundbreaking new report shows the devastating toll a past legal record can have on folks working to move on with their lives,” TimeDone said. “With over 9 million Texans living with an old record, approximately one in three is effectively locked out of opportunities to build stability for their families and give back to their communities.”

According to TimeDone, more than 800 statutes, administrative rules, and court rules in Texas prevent ex-convicts from securing things like employment, education and housing.