AUSTIN (KXAN) — The risk of contracting COVID-19 kept a grandson away from his grandparents, but the vaccine brought them together in a way they did not expect.

Lane Williams has always shared a special bond with his grandparents Chris and Barbara Frandsen.

“Spent all my summers there, and then when I was 17, I actually moved in with them for a few years,” Williams said.

Before the pandemic he would see his grandparents often, but now that doesn’t happen.

“It is just so hard to be close to the people that you love, but not be able to interact with them,” Williams said.

Williams, a nursing student, signed up to help administer the vaccine in Austin.

“I put my name in the hat that day and I got picked up,” Williams said.

Lane Williams gives his grandmother the COVID-19 Vaccine.

That same day, his grandparents found out they would be getting the vaccine after receiving a call from their doctor. Barbara immediately called her grandson to let him know the news. She also found out that he was working at the same location they were told to go to.

“He said ‘my time is up at noon, but I will wait until you and grandpa get there,'” Barbara said.

Lane waited two hours for his grandparents to arrive, and when they did, Barbara asked if he could be the one to give them the vaccine.

“And they were so gracious. Of course, of course that is possible they said,” Barbara said.

It was the first interaction between them since the start of the pandemic.

“I think it is the most special way it could have happened,” Williams said. “We have been separated as a family so long and then our closest interaction since we have been separated is me giving the injection.”

It was a special moment that both Williams and his grandparents won’t forget, and one that will soon bring them closer together.

“We have had many events together, and how special to share this one,” Barbara said.