AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Fire Department’s latest cadets marched alongside their classmates to join their second family during a commencement ceremony Friday morning.

“We’re spending breakfast, lunch, dinners with our other firefighters,” said Asst. Chief Brandon Wade, whose son Mason was part of the 133rd cadet class at the ceremony.

According to AFD, three sons of three current AFD members were part of this class. Their fathers also graduated in the same class 24 years ago. Two other cadets also have fathers on the force.

Firefighters are in high demand in Austin right now due to staff vacancies and the particularly dry summer. This graduating class will help with the workload.

“I think it’s awesome being able to do this training to get to serve the community. I think you really have to be selfless when you do this training and you really have to think of others,” said graduate Mason Wade.