AUSTIN (KXAN) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shared his condemnation of the Hamas’ attacks on Israel and announced Monday an allocation of extra funds to protect Jewish organizations statewide.

More than 1,000 people have died since the attack began this weekend, according to reporting from NBC News.

“The State of Texas condemns these heinous acts of violence and inhumanity against Israel and its people by ruthless terrorists, and we stand ready to offer our complete support to the Israeli and Jewish communities,” Abbott said in the release. “I firmly denounce the act of war against Israeli citizens and Americans in Israel and support Israel’s right to defend itself from these barbaric attacks. Working with local partners across Texas, we are actively increasing security at Jewish and Israel-related locations such as synagogues and schools. In response to these cowardly attacks, we stand united with our Jewish neighbors and we repudiate terrorism and anti-Semitism.”

Abbott added $4 million from his Public Safety Office will offer enhanced security provisions for Jewish schools, synagogues and other institutions across Texas. His office is also calling on the Texas Department of Public Safety to work alongside local partners and federal intelligence agencies to help amplify those safety efforts.

Those endeavors include “an intensified focus by the Joint Terrorism Task Force and Texas Fusion Center to elevate awareness about potential threats by Hamas or Hezbollah organizations against the Jewish community in Texas,” per the release.