AUSTIN (KXAN) — Multiple people in Austin have reported Google Fiber internet outages that kept their children from completing online learning coursework Friday.

One parent in the Austin Independent School District said the internet dropped out just before 10 a.m. at her southwest Austin home.

In a statement, AISD said it is aware of the outage and that they’ll “continue to be flexible and will accommodate student needs during the outage.”

Google Fiber contractors worked throughout the day to fix the outage. Around 7 p.m., Friday, the company said that internet had been restored to some customers.

As late as 10 p.m., other customers told KXAN their internet was still out.

On Google Fiber’s Help account on Twitter, a Google employee told a parent they estimated the problem would be fixed “within the hour,” and that tweet was sent at 11:04 a.m. The account has also suggested people plug in their address on Google Fiber’s website to check on outage information. Around 12:25 p.m., it estimated one home in southwest Austin wouldn’t have coverage restored until 5 p.m.; that estimate was later amended to 8 p.m.

The website is showing Google Fiber outages all over Austin and across the country. The site shows there are outages in downtown Austin, along with several areas in south Austin. There are spotty outage areas in north Austin, as well.

Google Fiber’s Austin office said a third party cut a line while they were doing work in the area, and local workers are trying to get service back to customers as soon as possible.

People in Houston, Kansas City, Nashville, Raleigh and Atlanta are also reporting heavy outages, and other areas like Miami, Denver, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City are reporting some outages.

Google hasn’t said what may have caused the outages on a national scale.