AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin’s youngest superhero took a break from fighting crime to hang out with workers at Whataburger.

Hailee Bage and her three-year-old daughter Mattie, from Round Rock, initially planned to wear their matching ‘Whatagirl’ and ‘Whatawoman’ costumes on Halloween.

But it ended up being too cold – so they decide to dress up a few weeks later instead and surprise workers at Whataburger.

Photo: Kendy Azenath Photography

Staff at the branch in Cameron Road in north Austin played along, taking some cute photos with little Mattie.

“My daughter is a huge Whataburger fan and I love anything to do with Texas in general so I made the costumes myself and just had fun with it,” Hailee said.

“When we were doing the shoot at Whataburger the reaction was insane, people in the drive thru honking and waving and cheering us on! It was an amazing day!”