AUSTIN (KXAN) — A memorial for a Black Lives Matter advocate is now covered in white paint Tuesday morning.

Members of the Austin community mourned for Garrett Foster less than 24 hours after he was fatally shot while protesting Sunday night.

Since then, a couple of memorials have popped up — one near Austin Police Department headquarters and another where he was shot, near the intersection of 4th Street and Congress Avenue in downtown Austin.

As of Tuesday, an unidentified person knocked over candles and other items and threw white paint across the tribute on 4th and Congress. You can see the damage in the photos below:

APD told KXAN that, “The law says that flowers, signs, photos, etc. left behind are considered abandoned property, so there’s not necessarily a crime for us to investigate.”

A TikTok user “homelesswithaniphone” posted a video Tuesday, purporting to show the memorial’s destruction. The user wrote on the video that “My GoPro wasnt turned when I tossed the paint, sorry! 10 gallons wasnt enoug paint. 🙁 Sewage next time!”