AUSTIN (KXAN) — Passengers provided insight Wednesday morning after Austin-Bergstrom International Airport experienced a power outage that caused numerous delays and flight cancelations.

Antoine Plunkett, an Austin resident trying to go to New York, said the situation was frustrating, because he had been at the airport since 3 a.m.

“When I first walked in, I knew something was wrong, because there was no lights, so the first thing I did was just go straight to the line. You ain’t got no choice but to go to the line,” Plunkett said. “I just stood in the line, and it just grows and grows and grows. You can’t do nothing; you just wait until they tell you what to do.”

Deana Keyworth, a passenger flying to Houston, said she thought the airport did a good job handling the situation.

“They stopped the traffic, so it didn’t get overcrowded. You can see they’re still not letting traffic in. I think they did a pretty good job,” Keyworth said.

Connie Tort, a 22-year-old Austin resident moving to the East Coast, said everything inside the airport was dark.

“No lights. Lots of people, and nobody knows anything,” Tort said. “It’s really interesting to see an airport completely black. This place is usually a beehive, and it’s not — it’s just molasses right now.”