AUSTIN (KXAN) — A former Austin Fire Department firefighter who was previously indicted for felony sex assault charges is facing two new indictments.

According to a release from the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, Marcus Reed, 49, a former AFD arson investigator, has been indicted with two new felony offenses of indecency with a child and aggravated perjury.

Court documents for the indecency with a child indictment state that in June 2016, Reed engaged in sexual contact with a girl under the age of 17 by touching her. 

The aggravated perjury indictment refers to Reed stating under oath that he had never contacted or tried to contact the woman he was previously accused of sexually assaulting. The court, however, says that he had via electronic messages.

The new indictments, according to the Travis County DA, are unrelated to the previous allegations. His previous indictments include sexual assault and official oppression. Reed was accused of using his status as a firefighter to sexually assault a woman he came into contact with while on duty.

Because Reed was an arson investigator who carried a badge, District Attorney Margaret Moore said the case against him was referred to the special investigations unit at the Austin Police Department and then the DA’s civil rights division. 

“They are handled independently of the rest of the office so that we treat them like any other criminal case, and there’s no relationship between the prosecutors and the grand jury and other similarly situated officials,” explained Moore. “So, we have a special grand jury that’s empaneled only to hear officer-involved cases and I have a civil rights division that only handles cases involving officials.”

Moore says that division answers to her directly.

“That violation of the public trust makes these cases of very high priority to us and that’s why I have a special division to devote full attention to them,” Moore added. “We are extremely concerned about the dangerousness of this individual, and we are looking forward to getting [the 2017 case] tried in August.”

The new charges will not be part of that trial. 

The 147th District Court Grand Jury recommended bonds for each indictment, which include a $100,000 bond for each offense and $25,000 for each offense of official oppression.

Reed turned himself into the Travis County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday and bonded out of jail on Friday.

The attorney representing Marcus Reed spoke with KXAN over the phone Friday afternoon and said, “My client is 110 percent innocent.”