Austin (KXAN) – As Austin grows some of the most popular thoroughfares are seeing more traffic.

“It’s clear that as the northern suburbs like Cedar Park continue to boom, you are going to have more and more strain put on that 620 corridor,” said Cedar Park Mayor Jim Penniman-Morin.

According to the RM 620 Feasibility Study, motorists traveling on 620 experience significant traffic-related delays during morning and evening peak times which impacts the safety and reduces mobility.

Over the next several years TxDOT is looking to expand the busy thoroughfare to improve safety and congestion. The entire project would run from US 183 to Mansfield Dam, but this would take time.

“The environmental studies take a long time the design takes a long time,” said Penniman-Morin.

The project was broken up into different sections.

TxDOT does not have a set date for the north project from 183 to Mansfield expansion, but they will soon move forward with planning on the FM 620 at Anderson Mill project with a public hearing in May.

Work on the Anderson Mill project could include adding up to three lanes of frontage roads, elevated lanes and work to make it easier for cyclists and walkers to get around.

This section of the project could displace some businesses in the area.

“Our plan is to really be paying attention and going to all the meetings we can so that we are on the front end of this,” said Sydney McCann who owns Plush Fabric Home Interiors which is located on 620 just outside the Anderson Mill project area.

“We moved to this location about three years ago after the Bell Boulevard expansion project,” said McCann.

McCann says she is not against progress and understands some things need to happen, but she’s worried this overall project will force her to move again.

“It needs to be very clearly defined,” said McCann. “It needs to have a long timeline so we can make plans.”

Through most of its length, RM 620 functions as both a local thoroughfare and commuter highway. In many cases, it is the sole access to subdivisions, businesses and schools. It is also the primary access route to Lake Travis area recreation amenities according to TxDOT.