AUSTIN (KXAN) — Parts of Central Texas have benefitted from much-needed rain over the past few days, but showers and storms have been pretty sporadic, and much of the area is still in extreme or exceptional drought.

“Honestly, we needed about a week’s worth of rain to make a significant difference,” said Will Boettner, wildfire mitigation officer in the Travis County Fire Marshal’s Office. “All of our grasses are very, very dry, all of the things that were knocked down during the big freeze last year are laying on the ground and they’re very dry. It’s just like fireplace firewood.”

Boettner spoke to KXAN’s Jennifer Sanders during the annual Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive.

He warned that this year could see a repeat of 2011, when multiple wildfires broke out in Central Texas, including the deadly Bastrop County Complex Fire that destroyed more than 1,600 homes and burned more than 32,000 acres.

“We are looking at what may be a repeat of 2011 here in Central Texas with the amount of heat we’re getting, with the very little rain that we’ve seen and the fact that we had a really kind of a wet spring that gave us a lot of vegetation that grew up and has subsequently died and is now available to burn,” Boettner said.

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