AUSTIN (KXAN) — Dirt, construction workers and a whole lot of noise — that’s how Alicia Taliaferro describes the scene right outside her house in northeast Austin.

“I got a headache this morning from this. The houses actually shook and that scared me because I’m thinking, ‘What damage could be done?'” Taliaferro said.

Alicia Taliaferro staring at the construction outside her home
Alicia Taliaferro said she has concerns about how she’ll get around with construction directly in front of her house.

She said it started Tuesday morning. When she looked out her window, Taliaferro said she saw four construction trucks digging up concrete.

It left her feeling trapped with no way to get her car out of the driveway.

“I felt like I was a prisoner inside of my own house,” Taliaferro said.

It’s construction she said she never got a heads up about.

“I just feel like the city or the contractor through the city should’ve given us some notice. We did not get any notice,” Taliaferro said.

However, the City of Austin said this project is part of Austin Water’s work to replace old water and wastewater infrastructure. They said residents next to the project were notified by mail.

Taliaferro said that did not happen. With construction set to last at least until Wednesday, she said she’s left scrambling to figure out how she’ll get around.

“I have to go out tomorrow. See what arrangements I need to make to get in and out of my house,” Taliaferro said.

The City said as of 5 p.m. Tuesday, access to driveways is clear, and it is working as quickly as possible to complete the improvements.