AUSTIN (KXAN) — Three father daughter teams bonded over building custom motorcycles for one lucky veteran to win.

The Republic of Texas Biker Rally joined Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys and Biker Pros, to create Daughters of Custom Build. Veterans entered their names into a raffle for a chance to pick out and own their favorite.

“Every year, during the process, I am just like, ‘Why am I doing this to myself?’ But seeing it here, seeing it at an event, seeing peoples’ reaction, seeing the people that benefit through it, I forget about all the struggles and the hard times,” said Sophia Tsingos with G-T Moto. “It’s worth it, it’s what keeps pushing me year after year.”  

Tsingos and her father spent three months working on their custom motorcycle. It’s a bonding experience she said goes super smooth. 

“I don’t even know if we have ever fought on something. Usually, if I have an idea, he says, ‘Oh let’s try it,'” said Tsingos. “Because we are so similar and he raised me we think along the same path.”

For Austin Andrella of Austin Motors, it’s special for him and his daughter to work together.

“It started out just as her wanting to be by my side, but now I am able to actually teach her stuff, as far as metal shaping and welding,” Andrella said. “She is a quick learner.”

Andrella said he didn’t want to hold anything back knowing this would benefit a veteran.

“With my dad being a Vietnam veteran, I had to put 110-percent into this even though it is being given away,” Andrella said. “It is hard to envision what the bike will look like, you can envision it in your head, but until the parts start going on, it gets exciting, you know, everything you put all that time into.”

The winner of a raffle will be announced before the ZZ Top concert Saturday night. That veteran will get to pick their favorite bike. The other two will go to auction, and the proceeds will benefit military charities.