The family of Landon Nobles, a man shot and killed by police on Sixth Street more than a year ago, is suing the Austin Police Department. 

Two officers shot and killed Landon Nobles after they say he shot at them. However, Nobles’ family says they’ve waited a year for investigators to produce proof and have meanwhile found evidence that they believe shows otherwise.

The family’s attorney, Edmund Skip Davis, says he takes issue with a statement APD Chief Brian Manley gave hours after Nobles’ death.

“The officers, as they pursued him, observed that he had a pistol, and, at one point, based on our preliminary investigation and our reports that we’ve been given, the suspect did turn and fire towards our officers,” Manley said to the press at the time.

Davis argues that since then, evidence has come out showing otherwise. In a meeting with the press Tuesday, he played cellphone video recorded on the night of the shooting that was posted on YouTube by a witness.

In the video, witnesses can be heard saying that police shot him and that he didn’t have a gun that they could see.

Davis also cited interviews from witnesses that KXAN gathered on May 11, 2017.

“I didn’t see no exchange of gunfire at all,” said Elvis Ingram, an eyewitness. “As he was running on Trinity [Street], an officer picked up a bicycle and threw it at his face and he fell, he tripped and fell over the bike, and when he fell right by my golf cart a pop went off, and he jumped up immediately, and he ran past me.”

“The fact that the police are trying to say that he turned around and started shooting at them, that never happened. I saw everything as it occurred,” said Frankie Nobles, Nobles’ cousin who was there on the night of the shooting.

Davis says he’s also interviewed five more witnesses willing to testify in court that Nobles didn’t pull a gun on the officers. Davis says his requests for other video clips from that night and Nobles’ autopsy report haven’t been granted yet, because the shooting investigation is still ongoing.

“The police department has been completely mum,” Davis said. “They act like we don’t exist, or they don’t return phone calls, they don’t return emails, they just ignore us.”

Nobles’ mother says she simply hopes for some transparency after all the questions that have gone unanswered for the past year.

“My message to Chief Manley would be please tell the truth, please reveal the truth. Just say what really happened,” Renae Nobles said.

Davis says the lawsuit will seek up to $15 million in damages. 

The district attorney hasn’t ruled yet on whether this case will go to a grand jury trial. The two officers involved in the shooting, who had been put on administrative leave, are back on regular duty, according to APD.