AUSTIN (KXAN) —There are still a lot of questions about how a bicyclist ended up dead beneath a Cap Metro bus Monday night.

His family has questions too.

A woman on the bus told us she had concerns about the driver’s behavior before the crash. KXAN spoke to the cyclist’s family and was surprised to hear how they feel about the driver tonight.

Showing Forgiveness

“We all make mistakes. This one just happened to be a fatal one,” said Sandra Riley, Tony Diaz’s aunt.

Nestled in a lone building in Central Austin, an apartment stands dark and quiet. But one woman finds light as she sorts through pictures of her nephew. 

Tony Diaz, 39, was killed by a CapMetro bus on Monday while riding his bike. Witnesses reported the bus driver acting strangely and talking to herself before running him over.

“They saw Tony riding the bike right in front of the bus and they yelled at the bus driver ‘stop, stop, stop, you are going to hit him!’ And she just kept going,” Riley said.

Rileys ays he loved reading, video games and exercising. An avid cyclist, he even built his own bike. “Even when I lived in South Austin, he would ride his way downtown just for the fun of it! For the exercise. Even in the heat of the summertime.”

Riley and the rest of the family are still trying to piece together what really happened that night. The University of Texas Police Department has visited her and detectives said they are investigating.

Despite the pain, the family is ready to forgive.

“If you are not forgiving, you are not happy. You are not happy yourself. And who wants to live a life full of unhappiness and anger?” Riley said.

KXAN reached out to UTPD to get a full report and dashcam video of the accident but they said it oculd not be released because of the ongoing investigation.