AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin family has to balance significant storm damage with tending to their teenage daughter with cancer.

“Stressful, frustrating and a lot of tears,” Ruth Resendez said.

She and her husband are staying at a hotel near their daughter Ali’s hospital. A pipe broke at their central Austin apartment complex last week. According to the property managers, this happened as a result of the power outage.

“[My daughter] told her oncologist about the flood in the house, and the oncologist later that evening pulled me aside and brought up concerns about mold and Ali breathing that in,” said Resendez.

She said the complex offered them three options: waiting out the construction and staying in their current unit, transferring to another unit, or breaking the lease with no consequences and finding a new place to live.

The family said their renters insurance will cover the cost of the hotel for the time being because the apartment damage is so bad – as well as some of their food costs.

It’s a resource they’re thankful for as they navigate the aftermath of a historic storm and their daughter’s diagnosis.

“She means everything, she’s just the sweetest girl,” Resendez said.