AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Wednesday, the parents of Alex Gonzales, Jr., a man shot and killed by two Austin Police Department officers in January 2021, filed a lawsuit against the City of Austin.

Records showed the lawsuit was about Austin Police officers Luis Serrato and Gabriel Gutierrez and the policies and practices of the City of Austin that caused Gonzales’ death.

When asked about the lawsuit, a City of Austin spokesperson said, “We will follow our regular process to respond to any civil lawsuit brought against the City.”

The lawsuit claimed Serrato and Gutierrez shot and killed Gonzales without provocation or justification.

According to the lawsuit, Austin trained its police officers to adopt a paramilitary culture that caused them to adopt a “warrior mindset” and an “us versus them” approach to policing that permitted, encouraged and tolerated excessive force.

Gonzales’ parents also claimed Austin created, encouraged and tolerated a racist policing culture.

The lawsuit said the officers violated Gonzales’ constitutional rights, and the city was liable for damages, which the lawsuit claimed were significant.