AUSTIN (KXAN) — A Cedar Park couple is trying to get their engagement ring back for a photo shoot this weekend, but Gallerie Jewelers has been closed since the owner’s son was arrested in connection to his father’s murder.

Anthony Zanin said he dropped the ring off in May to get a diamond replaced after the store reopened following the death of owner Ted Shaughnessy.

Zanin met with Nicolas Shaughessy at the store on a Saturday, and was told it would be ready the next week.

“Nicolas had the same sort of personality as Ted had, like willing to take care of it, bend over backwards,” Zanin said.

While Zanin was watching the news, he learned about Shaughnessy’s arrest and called the store to ask about the ring and found out it was closed again.

Zanin says he has tried several avenues to get the ring back including leaving a message at the store, messaging the store on Facebook and calling the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

Zanin and his fiance have engagement pictures scheduled this weekend, and will likely reschedule if they are unable to get the ring back. Their wedding is in October and Zanin is also growing concerned they may not have it back by then.

“We better have a ring back or something by then otherwise I don’t know what I would do and if I don’t know what I would do I have no clue what my fiancé would do.”

KXAN News has reached out to the attorney representing the Shaughnessy family to find out what customers should do who have jewelry at the store.