AUSTIN (KXAN) — During this week’s storm, Austin-Travis County EMS has seen a higher call volume.

Wednesday, they said they’re responding to an increased number of calls for people without power needing medical equipment, branches and ice falling on people and folks slipping and falling.

“Just because you heard a limb cracking and falling in your backyard doesn’t really warrant investigation,” Captain Darren Noak with Austin-Travis County EMS said. “Our first tip is, you know, don’t go outside unless you absolutely have to.”

Noak said the day prior to the storm, they were seeing roughly 350 calls. That was above 600 Tuesday, he said.

At least one person was seriously injured after slipping and falling Tuesday night as the storm moved through, Noak said. It’s something they hope you’ll be cautious about.

“If someone starts getting real dizzy, lightheaded, not making sense, throwing up uncontrollably, then that’s definitely can be a sign of a more serious head injury and those cases you slip and fall and hit your head,” Noak said.