AUSTIN (KXAN) — Football fans are not the only ones getting ready for Saturday’s game at DKR Memorial Stadium.

“Ambulances and motorcycle medics will be strategically placed around the stadium,” said Commander Eric Gordon with Austin-Travis County EMS.

Every football season, ATCEMS puts together a plan to respond to emergencies on game days to protect fans and players.

“We will have medics that are dedicated just for the field and for the players and the coaches and staff, as well as medics in and around the stadium for the pregame activities and during the game and postgame.”

With game day temperatures expected to hit triple digits, Commander Gordon expects heat-related emergencies.

“We stay prepared for all of them,” said Commander Gordon. “We’ve taken steps with increasing our capacity with coolers and water, ice and cool packs.”

UT officials say keeping fans hydrated is a top priority and announced 16 locations for all fans to fill up their water bottle for free.

“Water Monster” Locations:

Inside Gate 1 (first floor)
Near Section 5 (first floor)
Inside Gate 7 (first floor)
Inside Gate 8 (first floor)
Inside Gate 25 (first floor)
Near Section 27 (first floor)
Inside Gate 32 (first floor)
Near Section 103 (upper deck West)
Near Section 108 (upper deck West)
Near Section 116 (upper deck North)
Near Section 130 (upper deck East)
Outside Gate 25 (entry gate)
Longhorn City Limits on LBJ Lawn

“Pre-hydrate, use electrolytes, wear your hats, wear sunscreen,” said Commander Gordon.

“If you start to feel overheated, we want people to sit down, seek some shade, and drink some water, get some rest. And then if you’re not rebounding or not recovering from that feeling that you have then call us.”

Responding to those calls quickly in a crowd is something EMS has planned out with medics on motorcycles.

“It allows paramedics to get into a crowded space where it could be challenged for an ambulance to get to.”

Four cooling stations will also be setup around the stadium near Sections 32, 105, 117, and 127 with cooling towels and fans.

“We’re happy that UT football is back. We just want people to know that we’re out there and if you need us, we’re right around the corner.”