AUSTIN (KXAN) — One of Austin’s most popular trails could be undergoing big changes.

It’s the part of the trail that goes under the First Street bridge — or the Drake Bridge Commons. Soon, it could have an area to sit and have a picnic, or even a massive floating dock.

But this could cost some money.

A lot of it.

The Austin Trail Foundation would like to make the area under the bridge more of a destination than a place to pass through, but the organization says the money needed would come from private donors — not taxpayers.

Liam Cummings, a frequent trail user, says he welcomes upgrades to the trail, saying: “I can definitely see that the idea that’s its 100% funded by private donors. There’s less accountability to that.”

For now, the trail under the bridge is a great place to hide from the heat. But soon, it could be a great place to just be.