AUSTIN (KXAN) — A state lawmaker says it’s new evidence — but the Department Public Safety says the cell phone recording by Sandra Bland, who was found dead in a Texas jail cell in 2015 after a confrontational traffic stop, is not new.

But State Rep. Garnet Coleman says he’ll hold a hearing at the State Capitol during this legislative session.

Previously released dash cam video of the incident shows former State Trooper Brian Encinia holding a stun gun as he ordered Bland to get out of the car, saying: “I will light you up. Get out now. Get out of the car.”

But video made public this week shows the incident from Bland’s cell phone (which she was using during the traffic stop). Coleman says he will also ask the DPS and the Texas Attorney General to testify. 

On Tuesday, the DPS released the following statement regarding the video:

“The cellphone video that is the subject of a recent news story is not newly discovered evidence.

The cellphone recording is referenced by Ms. Bland in the dash cam video that was released by the department on July 22, 2015. The video recording from Ms. Bland’s cellphone was specifically identified multiple times in the Ranger Report of Investigation. The Ranger report was made available to all the litigants during the civil litigation filed by her family. At all times, the department complied with its discovery obligations in the civil litigation.

…Again, we reiterate that the video is not newly discovered and has in no way been concealed by the department.”

Coleman was behind The Sandra Bland Act, which increased de-escalation training for law enforcement, jailer training and led to the collection of new traffic stop data.