AUSTIN (KXAN) — Wiley is back with his owners and getting lots of love after a microchip mixup they feared might have separated them for good.

The corgi-Chihuahua mix got loose over Thanksgiving when Keller Davis and John Baxa were visiting family near Addison, Texas. The Addison animal shelter picked Wiley up, but when it scanned the dog’s microchip, it was still linked to a previous owner. That owner was interested in reclaiming him.

Davis and Baxa had adopted Wiley more than two years ago from the Austin Animal Center. AAC told KXAN when Wiley came into the shelter as a stray in 2016, his microchip was entered incorrectly.

“Microchips have unique identifier codes that are a combination of 9-15 characters and can be numeric or alphanumeric in format,” AAC said. “The data entry process for each of the more than 16,000 animals intaked every year at Austin Animal Center is done manually and we unfortunately made a mistake when typing in the microchip number.”

At the time, Wiley had been at the center for three days before he was adopted out to Davis and Baxa. The state requires that amount of wait time before an adoption.

Wiley’s previous owners ended up adopting a new dog from the Addison animal shelter.