AUSTIN (KXAN) — Football season is about to kick off once again, and fans will be flooding DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium to watch the Longhorns play.

One thing the stadium has done to prepare for an influx of people is add an AI-powered self-checkout concessions option.

Mashgin, the world’s fastest touchless self-checkout system, deployed of 14 self-checkout kiosks by Sodexo, DKR’s concessions partner, at the stadium.

The new point-of-sale, touchless self-checkout kiosks have already sped up concession checkouts at six locations across the stadium, according to a release from Mashgin. Sodexo plans to add 22 more of the kiosks for the upcoming 2023 football season.

Fans can now buy food, soft drinks, beer and more, check out in 12.5 seconds on average at the kiosks, according to Mashgin.

Mashgin kiosks have been deployed at several Texas Athletics venues managed by Sodexo, which include DKR, UFCU Disch-Falk Field, Red and Charline McCombs Field, and Mike A. Myers Stadium.

A video of how the self-checkout kiosks work is available to watch online.

Last year, fans reported that UT’s concession stands ran out of food during the Longhorns’ first game of the season.

UT told KXAN at the time they were “aware and addressing” the issue.