AUSTIN (KXAN) — In a statement on social media Thursday, Cruise said it is pausing all driverless operations as it takes “steps to rebuild public trust.”

“Part of this involves taking a hard look inwards and at how we do work at Cruise, even if it means doing things that are uncomfortable or difficult,” the self-driving car company said in the statement.

Therefore, the company said during this pause it will examine its “processes, systems, and tools and reflect on how we can better operate in a way that will earn public trust.”

Cruise has offered driverless rides in Austin, San Francisco and Phoenix.

The City of Austin has received more than 40 complaints related to driverless cars since July, according to city data.

Complaints range from the self-driving cars blocking traffic or being a nuisance to near misses and even collisions.

The Austin Transportation and Public Works department collected 43 complaints between July and Oct. 16, about half of which came from the public.