AUSTIN (KXAN) — Crews with the City of Austin’s Public Works Department are braving the summer heat to improve hundreds of streets throughout Austin. 

Public Works said you can expect to see crews in neighborhoods through the early fall.

Crews will notify you in advance of maintenance treatments with doorhangers that list procedures and ask vehicles to be temporarily removed from the street.

If you don’t move your vehicle, it will be towed to a nearby street. 

According to a press release from Public Works, the main maintenance treatment crews apply in the summer is sealcoat.

Workers spray a layer of oil, then spread an asphalt material on top. They then sweep remaining rock and may return to sweep more if needed. 

Here are some tips from Austin Public Works:

  • Vehicles must be removed from streets scheduled for maintenance for two days.
  • Expect loose gravel once the work is complete. Some loose rock that remains on the road will settle into the new asphalt material with time.
  • Avoid hard braking and sharp turning until the surface hardens to prevent flying gravel.

The sealcoat process results in a smoother surface, eliminating the hairline cracks that lead to potholes.

The treatment must be done in warm, dry conditions, so the work is usually done between May and October as weather permits.

Here’s the list of streets scheduled for maintenance.